Our Qualities Charter

Some information before sending your package !

The package must contain at least 15 items and the total weight of the package shall not exceed 10kg.
Items must be in perfect condition : no defect, they must be clean and folded.

Are accepted :
women's clothing (from size 34) and children whose brands are part of Our List
Bags and belts (in perfect condition inside and outside).
Only collections that are less than 5 years old and free from defects are accepted.

Will be refused :
any article having a defect (hole, Task, Bouloche, damaged fiber, increased color, distortion, retouch house, ...)
underwear, pajamas, bikinis, sports wear, shoes, counterfeit and furs.
Collectibles of more than 5 years.

The package must be properly closed, the visible label and stuck well: in order to avoid loss or damage of your package in transit.

Please note that we do not accept Pants currently, please do not add them in your package !